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Welcome  to the America Europe Friendship Association (AEFA). We are a non-profit, non political organization bridging the gap between the two continents.
Our mission is to promote cultural understanding, collaboration and friendship between North Americans and Europeans!
Join us fostering cross-cultural connections and celebrating the richness of our shared heritage!
Together, we can build a stronger, more connected
trans-Atlantic community!
Amiticia Fortior: Stronger by Friendship 

Our Vision:
Stronger by Friendship - Amicitia Fortior, which is also our motto. Bonding and buildings friendship ties Based on Loyalty, Respect, Mutual Trust and Support.
Friendship is THE cement that keeps the World together and a stepping stone to lasting relationships and Alliances.

Our Mission:
To promote, build, strengthen and maintain strong friendship ties between North America and European citizens, especially those working and/or living in and around the EUR region.

The America Europe Friendship Association -AEFA founded in 2017 and registered in Limburg ( KvK nr 71399364) as an independent, non political and non profit trans-Atlantic network of friends.
We have currently over 700 international members.

AEFA data is kept in accordance with EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

Lifetime Membership, please see Page “ Activities” for online registratie.